• About BAAI

    Established in November 2018 in Beijing, Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) is a non-profit new-type research institute, with missions to promote data sharing, open source algorithms, and support top talents focusing on long term fundamental research in AI. As a collaborative hub, the funding members of BAAI include leading industry AI application companies (Baidu, ByteDance, Megvii, Meituan, Xiaomi), universities (Tsinghua University, Peking University) and research institutes (Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences) across China.


    BAAI Vision

    Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) aims to focus on the original innovation and core technologies of Artificial Intelligence, and establish the research system combining free exploration with goal-oriented. BAAI supports the scientists to bravely explore the "no man's land" AI frontier, to challenge the most foundational and the most difficult problems, to promote the revolutionary or disruptive breakthroughs in theory, methods, tools, systems and other aspects of Artificial Intelligence. BAAI is committed to creating the best academic and technological innovation ecosystem, leading the frontiers of AI disciplines and the direction of AI technology innovation, promoting Beijing to become the globally leading AI innovation center by contributing the academic thoughts, foundational theories, top talents, enterprise innovation and development policies. BAAI also provides fundamental support to AI industry development, promotes further application of AI technology, improves people’s livelihood, and ensures sustainable development of human beings, environment and intelligence.